Ugliest Dog Breed in the World

Aug 22nd

Ugliest dog breed – They are not handsome or have a fancy coat. They are some of the dogs regarded as the ugliest in the world. Yes, they have great personality. Before his breeder wanted to sacrifice him because it seemed very ugly to “sell”. The best came later when adopted. There ugly dogs there, but these do not stop like many although its appearance is not entirely pleasant.

What is Ugliest Dog Breed
What Is Ugliest Dog Breed

Bergamasco: The main feature of this dog is its abundant long hair that ends up tangling and turning balls in the body, although it seems to me charming, I am aware that this breed requires very careful, otherwise you may become an ugliest dog breed. Rascal; It is said that the ancestors of Rascal won several awards for being ugly. Ah! And grandfather Chi-Chi’s in the Guinness Book of Records for being the most recognition can in such competitions.

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What Is Ugliest Dog Breed
Ugliest Dog Breed
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Gus; “Weak” was a word of laughter for Gus. This dog had three legs, only one eye and also suffered from cancer, and all that, triumphed, as it was awarded the title of World’s ugliest dog breed in 2008. How are you? Five months later he died, but before the tragic event and, after being rescued from a home where they abused him, Gus lived the best moments of his life.

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