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Jan 13th

Worst dog breeds – Dogs are not recommended for small children. They are considered to be aggressive and sensitive dogs. This is a list of the top ten of the processing, which is not suitable for small children. The characters are strong and daring instincts that make this breed particularly useful in destroying rats. This type is a type of balanced and solid. They are a combination of charm and courage, with a lot of courage. They are not recommended for small children this breed dogs tend to keep and protect their food. Chihuahua is a very small pets. They have a jealous streak, and he will accompany every step of the holder, if the libel was present.

Very Cute Worst Dog Breeds
Very Cute Worst Dog Breeds

Bernard is a type of small, even angry. They are independent and fearless. Worst dog breeds is a gentle, loving and very affectionate, a little stubborn. Basenji are small, athletic dogs are rare and gentle appearance. The basenji is an active, lively and agile breed of dog. They like to play. Lhasa Apso is a bold and aggressive. They are wary and suspicious of strangers. Lhasa Apso displays a dual temperament. They have their own mind and has everything your way.

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Connect with one or two people at home and usually prefer to attend to these people, how they respond to commands from everyone. Worst dog breeds is generally not a good dog at home with the children, who are very small. Regardless of their large size can be shy and often edgy quick movement and high voices, not unexpectedly, what are the characteristics of most small children. Akita benign, intellectual, relentless and fearless. The Akita has a strong escort will sound an alarm if the lander, instincts and breaks into their home.

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