Top Hunting Dogs Breeds

Aug 18th

Hunting dogs breeds – Dogs are not only man’s best friends, but they are also excellent hunting companions. Dogs have been helping humans in hunting since ancient times, for example the Egyptians used to dogs to locate the Springboks. Since then, much of the dogs have been bred to track and locate prey with such skill that go home empty handed seems impossible.

Top 10 Hunting Dogs Breeds
Top 10 Hunting Dogs Breeds

Hunting dogs breeds, dachshund is a rare breed because of its small size, is good for hunting and urban life. These long and small dogs use their powerful legs to locate a variety of small animals. The race dates back to 17th century Europe where they were used to hunt badgers, foxes and rabbits. A dachshund purpose comes from the German word for badger. In addition to its size and strength, these dogs usually show certain characteristics of a terrier like courage and tenacity. At present many owners raise their Dachshunds as companion dogs, but the size and reckless nature of this breed make good hunting companions.

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Top 10 Hunting Dogs Breeds
Hunting Dogs Breeds
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Hunting dogs breeds, these cheerful and small dogs are harder to find that many of the popular breeds of hunting. It is a muscular dog with a thick neck and strong legs. The Fox Terrier originated in England in the 17th century and was bred to seek and find foxes from their dens and hideouts. Their small bodies allow them to enter confined spaces and long legs allow them to pursue the trail of foxes.

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