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Feb 13th

Guard dog breeds – Many breeds have been genetically engineered by humans, who selectively bred them for certain characteristics. Such a move was a dog’s ability to protect its territory. Many breeds are known for their ability to protect. But even when you buy a dog for guarding, it is important that you remember not to rely solely on a dog for this purpose. It is not safe for the dog. Your dog can be used to protect, but the dog’s primary function should be that of a pet. Your Guard Dog Breeds health and safety should always be considered a high priority. Shepherd

White Guard Dog Breeds
White Guard Dog Breeds

Bullmastiff is not a guard dog breeds who will react, but it will protect his family if necessary. Impressive in looks, the big dog ranked 48th in AKC breed popularity. Despite its size alone can be scary, actually makes it bullmastiff a wonderful family dog. Bullmastiffs tend to do best indoors because they do not fare well in extreme temperatures. Moderate exercise in the form of a walk or quick game satisfies this breed’s physical needs. Its coat requires occasional brushing to remove debris. Just more than 2 meters in height, the bullmastiff weighs between 100 and 130 kg.

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Giant schnauzer may not look like the typical guard dog breeds, but in every other way it is a guard breed.  It is also very bold and suspicious of strangers. Giant Schnauzer can be a bit boisterous for small children, but it fits in well with families with older children. It is also an active dog that needs a daily walk and regular play. It requires twice weekly brushing, and twice yearly hair cuts to maintain its coat. It is just over 2 meters in height and weighing between 65 to 90 kg.

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