Target Dog Breed: Bull Terrier

Aug 21st

Target dog breed – target bull terrier dogs have a commanding presence, even when they are not high class. Some consider them ugly, but I think, with his Egghead and his muscular body, are among dogs most beautiful in world. Bull terrier is a muscular dog, though not large size is impressive and inspires respect. While it is not a guard dog and protection, muscular appearance and clever and determined expression they can intimidate even bravest.

Target Dog Breed Type
Target Dog Breed Type

Head is feature that distinguishes this target dog breed from others. Head of bull terrier has no stop (naso-frontal depression) and egg-shaped, free of depressions or indentations. Upper region of skull is almost flat between ears. ears of bull terrier, meanwhile, are small and thin, and are closely spaced one from other. dog should be able to keep upright with top up.

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Target Dog Breed Type
Target Dog Breed Tall
Target Dog Breed Name
Target Dog Breed Color
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Target Dog Breed
Small Target Dog Breed
Pit Bull Terrier Target Dog Breed
Native Target Dog Breed
Dogo Argentino Target Dog Breed
Bull Terrier Target Dog Breed
Black Target Dog Breed
Target Dog Breed

Nose, black and with well-developed nostrils, bends down at tip. Jaws are very powerful, which is noticeable because cheeks of these dogs are well developed, but not overdone. When dogs close mouth, inside of upper incisors in contact with outer face of lower incisors. I.e. closed scissor bite.

His eyes are black bull terrier or a (almost black), narrow and very dark brown triangular. They are arranged obliquely in skull and have a bright look that express decision and intelligence. Neck is muscular, long, arched. No dewlap. Meanwhile, body of this target dog breed is robust and rounded, with well-sprung ribs. Short and strong back is continued with a broad and muscular back. Chest is deep and broad. Bottom line forms a graceful upward curve from chest to abdomen.

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