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Dec 30th

American Eskimo puppies – The Huskies Americans, or as they are commonly known, Eskies, descended from several European breeds such as Spitz type dogs, including Pomeranian, Volpino Italian, German Spitz, and Keeshond. Some experts even believe that Japanese Spitz can be a part of ancestry of this breed.

Little American Eskimo Puppies
Little American Eskimo Puppies

The first dogs of this breed served as watchdogs and companions. In late 1800s, breed was known as American Spitz and was very popular in shows and circuses, performing tricks and delighting audience. Intelligence of this breed, agility and white coat attracted attention of American public during this period, and increased popularity of breed in 1917.

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White American Eskimo Puppies
Little American Eskimo Puppies
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The name was later changed to American eskimo puppies. Eskies are classified in three sizes. toys with 23cm to 30cm in height; models with more than 30cm to 38cm, and normal with more than 38cm to 48cm high. All Eskies of all sizes have same aspect: erect ears, alertly, tail and wonderful fur. Eskies are pure white, although some may have color cream. Coat is straight and is a double coat with a dense thick. Lush Eskie ‘s coat requires minimal brushing twice a week. Although not prone to form tangles, dense undercoat will shed dead hairs, which brushing can keep this under control.

Standard size American Eskimo puppies are great companions for children and tend to be quite tolerant of some horseplay. toy and Eskie miniature are too small to play with children, which makes them unsuitable for children ‘s games. Most Eskies are quite tolerant of other small pets, including cats, although few can resist chasing a cat running, so that interactions should be monitored. Main health concerns include progressive retinal atrophy, knee problems and hip dysplasia.

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