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Jan 13th

Pictures of corgis – Cardigan Welsh corgi is a small dog that once was used as a shepherd and herdsman in Wales. Kinsman of popular Welsh Pembroke corgi, this dog is not very popular. This is one of sheepdogs and Cattle smaller size, but not so it is less effective for such work. Its robust and rustic body is noticeably longer than high. Legs are short, but very strong and thick bones.

Pictures of Corgis Welsh
Pictures Of Corgis Welsh

Head pictures of corgis and shaped like head of a fox appearance. Nose is black and slightly protruding. Eyes are medium and gentle, watchful expression. They are usually dark, but blue eyes are accepted in dogs blue blackbird. Ears are large relative to size of dog, you pricked with rounded tips.

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Pictures Of Corgis Welsh
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Tail of this dog is moderately long and like fox. This is one of characteristics that distinguish easily Welsh corgi Cardigan Welsh corgi Pembroke, because latter has no tail or is small. Coat is straight, hard texture and can be short or medium length. Undercoat is abundant. Coat can be any color, but white should not predominate. These dogs are very active, intelligent and alert. Like most sheepdogs, Cardigan Welsh corgi needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation as well as frequent company.

Pictures of corgis must have a stable temperament, without being shy or aggressive. However, centuries of evolution as sheepdog’s animals have become reserved with strangers and aggressive with other dogs. Socialization early is very important with this breed, to avoid being aggressive or irritable with people. It also helps a lot in relationships between dogs, but Cardigan Welsh corgi is unlikely to be a very sociable with his kind dog.

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