The Killer Hunting Dog Breeds

Feb 13th

Hunting dog breeds – Dogs are not only man’s best friends, but they are also excellent hunting companions. Dogs have been helping humans in hunting since ancient times, for example Egyptians used to dogs to locate Springboks. Since then, much of dogs have been bred to track and locate prey with such skill that go home empty – handed seems impossible.

Small Hunting Dog Breeds
Small Hunting Dog Breeds

Labrador retriever is aptly named best hunting dog breeds companion. Labradors are perhaps better known as water dogs, due to its layers of hair moisture repellent and feet weblike that drive easily into water in search of prey. Labrador is also equipped with good temper and a high level of intelligence, which make them ideal for training. These qualities serve as part of reason why Labradors are considered most popular in United States. As water dog, also has a soft grip that allows you to retrieve prey without damaging it.

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Small Hunting Dog Breeds
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Best Hunting Dog Breeds
The Best Hunting Dog Breeds

Braco german shorthaired: Known for its versatility in field, they work equally well both on land and in water. They are best known as hunting dog breeds, but they are excellent and expert trackers terrestrial mammals such as raccoons, opossums and deer. They are very intelligent; they are also obedient and easy to train. Agility German shorthaired pointer is evident, as always go by before hunters to locate prey. It is also considered to have best scenting ability of all hunting dogs, German shorthaired pointer is another race that does not scare prey but only tracks and points target.

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