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Aug 18th

Akita Pictures –  Akita Japan immersed in legend and myth, throughout the ages various attempts to find out the actual dog. Documentary evidence and caves and bones has come to light this lesson to collect pictures of how the evolution of strain. History of Japan covering more than two thousand years, but information about the Akita are rare and the language barrier make more trouble for researchers in the United Kingdom. However, there are some authors who’ve been attributing the work done on the perspective of archaeology, zoology, anthropology and Ethnology, and this, together with the documented history and folklore, a reasonable overview.

White Akita Pictures
White Akita Pictures

It believed that people who migrate to the Islands in Japan about four thousand years ago about akita pictures, but more recent evidence dating back to the stone age. Study of fossils and bones has proved that there are dogs of this era. He doesn’t know if this dog has pierced ears and tails curled, but supposed generally that purportedly relate to current Akita dog. The bronze age there are pictures and artifacts, describes Japan dogs recipes.

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White Akita Pictures
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When used in battle for dwindling dogs again, hunting and grazing. He likes sporting dogs are fine. His animals and became highly regarded among aristocrats and hugely popular for more than a century. Because of the relative isolation of the North of this breed, safeguarding the inviolability of certain types. It is generally believed that the environment has a huge impact on the physical characteristics of the breed and dog coat is thick and strong bones and sturdy legs probably evolved during this period. Many dog Akita breed reared in different regions in Japan, but the people of the North, known as akita pictures, most pure bred Akita bloodlines are right now.

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