Friendly and Loyal Dog Breeds

Jan 23rd

Loyal dog breeds – These animals have long been great companions for humans. An image of family perfect it is complete when a dog family there. They are great companions and loyal. San Bernardo is a native dog of Swiss Alps, is a big, burly and smart dog appearance is friendly, peaceful; it is a dog ‘good – natured’. In general gentle and affectionate, very loyal and devoted to their masters. It is especially suitable for children who feel special attraction, so it gets nickname “nanny dog ‘. It is large enough to protect measured aggression. And it can live up to 10 years.

Super Loyal Dog Breeds
Super Loyal Dog Breeds

English springer spaniel is a breed originating from Britain, and hence annotation “English”. In fact, these dogs were in England since seventeenth century, as evidenced by some murals and paintings. Originally Spaniel Springer was called Norkfolk Spaniel. It is a medium sized dog, active, alert, intelligent and impatient, making it an ideal hunting companion and everything is loyal dog breeds and faithful to its owner. They can live up to 14 years.

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Super Loyal Dog Breeds
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Dachshund commonly known as sausage dog, has elongated body, long snout and tail, has very small feet are playful and very loyal dog breeds. Breed is known for its spine problems, due to their extremely long spinal column and their short ribs. They are very agile dogs of exceptional reflexes; however, by their short legs do not reach high speeds. It is highly recommended Dachshund feed with balanced food rich in protein and vitamins, which help him to grow in a healthy way.

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