Finnish Spitz Puppies is Wonderful and Friendly

Dec 27th

Finnish spitz puppies – Finnish Spitz is a wonderful but often overlooked race. They are easily recognizable by their beautiful golden shields and faces red fox. Intelligent, lively, cheerful and adventurous Finnish Spitz is a wonderful addition to any family and loves especially children. As its name implies, Finnish Spitz comes from Finland. Originally bred by Finno-Ugric tribes, in 1880 breed was almost extinct when Hugo Roos realized its value and created a breeding program. Modern breed Finnish Spitz is result of their efforts. Thinking adopts or simply interested in learning more about Finnish Spitz? I collected knowledge about race, links to more information and some curiosities of my adoption story Finnish Spitz. We dug in … No, not in beds!

High of Finnish Spitz Puppies
High Of Finnish Spitz Puppies

Friendly, active and playful finnish spitz puppies is a good choice for families. Usually they are good with people and have a special love for children. Breed is known to love playing with kid’s hours pass and careers. Children playing too rough are generally ignored, to point that dog simply leave to find entertainment elsewhere. However, they are sensitive in nature. Race may react negatively to stressful environments and excessive stress.

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High Of Finnish Spitz Puppies
Guard Finnish Spitz Puppies
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Finnish Spitz Puppies

Finnish Spitz training is fairly easy, but patience is key. His intelligence can work against you, keep it short and interesting Spitz or bored. In addition, positive reinforcement is best method in formation of a finnish spitz puppies. It just does not respond well to heavy or abrasive methods. This is a very clean race meticulous to point of self-rule. However, a simple rule is necessary. Finnish Spitz has a double coat, a soft underlayer with a large over-layer. Due to nature of bilayers race it requires a weekly or biweekly brushing to remove loose skin. Excessive accumulation of loose skin can lead to skin diseases. They require no cutting or trimming, except nails and possibly hair between pads of dog’s paws.

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