Beagle Hound Puppies: Intelligent Escape Artists

Jan 5th

Beagle hound puppies – Beagles are fairly small, attractive and easy to treat dogs, they are friendly and peaceful with other pets. Beagles were developed as born hunting dogs and so now by these dogs have in their genes behavior and traits of a hunter. The beagle need to exercise a lot more than people can give, already it is seen Beagles high in fat and with so many health problems, because many people keep them in apartments or condominiums in city, which is not ideal.

Three Beagle Hound Puppies
Three Beagle Hound Puppies

Great stubbornness of a Beagle and constant distraction can become an obstacle in his training, but with persistence one can get to get their attention and earn their respect, so to train him in right way. Beagle hound puppies are intelligent escape artists; they can escape over or under fences in search of adventure. Therefore it is recommended security measures for your canine friend cannot escape.

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Three Beagle Hound Puppies
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Little Beagle Hound Puppies
Brown Beagle Hound Puppies
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Beagle hound puppies can have a good and long life, but unfortunately are very likely to have health problems, including skin diseases such as itching and allergies, ear infections, a long list of eye diseases, joint problems, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, heart disease, and more. To avoid these problems, you need to have a reliable veterinarian to care for your dog.

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