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Aug 17th

Bully Dog BreedsThe butchers – whose bulldog of birth owes – usually working within large, dangerous animals, mainly in dogs have been useful, which facilitated the slaughter of animals shedding and were able to occasionally erupting, runaway large ungulates curb. These dogs harciasságukkal, persistence and last but not least fogáskészségükkel acquired legendary fame, and the middle Ages, they were called butcher’s dog. In the English language later aptly called “bull” (bull) and the words “dog” (dog) by merging has been called the bulldog breed.

Top Bully Dog Breeds
Top Bully Dog Breeds

Contrary to popular belief, the American Bully Dog Breeds was never gladiátorkutya. America was originally the settlers house, property, cattle defended against the invaders. The southern states of the slave-owning landowners for rebellious slaves were trained to apprehend and megfegyelmezésére. After the Civil War wound up the big estates, he left without a job and the Bulldogs nearly disappeared in the States. Until then, there was no significant herd until the beginning of the 1970s, two farmers requested that their dogs are bred varieties are registered separately. Originally known as “American Pit Bulldog” is registered in the breed, and later the word “Pit” dropped from the name, because of the pit bull terriers can be mixed in Hungary.

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The American Bully Dog Breeds is very confident and well-balanced dog that is inherently preserves the natural instinct, to protect your family and home. This is the task of calm, deliberate manner, but it is very impressive to see. Especially meaningful and faithful dog, which is attached to his master and his family. Alert, courageous, persistent, non-self spared. The runway is not the ideal place to hold rather be resident in the home, among family members. The apartment is otherwise quite calm behavior; only barks when something is wrong.

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