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Aug 17th

Boxer Dog Breed – The boxer dog is very playful and tolerant dog . He’s always ready to go for a walk and they prefer to play all day. They are very child friendly. It’s usually a big teddy bear, but makes no mistake. The boxer is one of the strongest dogs out there and they are overloaded with a huge defensive talent. The boxer scores very high on protection work. It is what is called an undershot because the lower teeth in front of the upper teeth and jaws are strong. Come to that a temperament and you have the ideal watchdog that protects the whole family.

Top Boxer Dog Breed
Top Boxer Dog Breed

The boxer dog breed is usually a very quiet dog. You can hear him but rarely bark, but when you hear him barking then you should definitely go check, usually there is something going on. It is a very social animal and is no less than among men. He likes to make part of the family.

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Boxer dog breed are athletic dogs. And a sporting dog and therefore asks for a sporty boss who takes him on long walks every day what is going on with him. Ball games or games that draw the retrieve as this dog can occupy for hours. Even later in life keep this dog playful and cheerful. Boxers are sometimes called Clowns.

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