Temperament and character of Lowchen Puppies

Oct 19th

Lowchen Puppies – Warm, relaxed and playful, small dogs are ideal pets lions. Although they are playful, they can also behave calmly and quietly. These lowchen puppies are very attached to their families and are often particularly attached to a person, which follow most of the time.These Lowchen Puppies are easy to socialize , but we must start doing while they are still puppies. Properly socialized usually get along very well with people, dogs and other animals. Of course, lowchen who have received poor socialization be shy or aggressive.

Wonderful Lowchen Puppies
Wonderful Lowchen Puppies

These lowchen puppies also respond well to  training without having to appeal to the dominance or subjugation dog by force. On the contrary, lowchen they respond exceptionally well to training in positive and particularly to  clicker training. Among the most common behavioral problems are the excessive  barking and holes in the garden . Fortunately, these behaviors are avoided (or at least reduced considerably) providing these dogs physical and mental exercise they need.

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Wonderful Lowchen Puppies
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Unfortunately, these little dogs lions are also likely to develop separation anxiety, which is a more serious problem. It is important to provide companionship they need, but we must also teach them to stand alone without troubled. Lowchen puppies of this breed can be great pets for people and families who have enough time to spend with them, and they can hold a good way demands attention lowchen. Although these dogs get along with children, they are not good pets for young children, as canines tend to be hurt by the rough treatment of human puppies.

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