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Aug 19th

Irish setter pictures – rich red color picture Irish setter is a clear indication of one of the hunting dog as favorite in the United States, at least in the conformation ring. These dogs are usually sent the crowd into a huge applause as they float around the ring. It is the animal that is definitely “crowd-pleaser” and this is not surprising. Well balanced smooth movement Irish setter is a breathtakingly beautiful animal advice that everyone can have a sight to behold. Irish setter was originally developed from a very old breed, red and white Irish setter, who was a familiar sight in Ireland and the UK in the early fifteenth century.

Top Irish Setter Pictures
Top Irish Setter Pictures

Red and white are still a small amount of time but breed red setter proved to be much more popular, although in stature and structure, there is little difference. Irish setter used as a hunting dog has a restless desire to hunt and work well in the field, but are using it in the field often have to sacrifice some beautiful hair with scissors in return for some less cockleburs to choose from. There was a greater emphasis on breeding for coat color, texture and length as his irish setter pictures for quality take. As a result, Irish setter has become less fashionable as a hunting dog, as in recent years.

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Irish setter pictures must always have a dark red color, the whole body, including the nose and eyelids. It has built typical bird dog, well laid back and well angulated shoulders back, giving him a long dirt covering step and skills essential for the quarter and the change when take irish setter pictures. The whole appearance must present a picture of elegance. The dog should stand 25-27 inches at the shoulder. Hind legs are longer should be well angulated and dogs when it moves, it must be completely free and straight. There should be equal to the long hair dog ears, chest, abdomen, inner thighs and the back of the front legs, rear legs and the tail to the fact that the rest of the hair flat and relatively smooth with slight wave or curl.

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