Everything About Irish Terrier Puppies

Oct 18th

Irish terrier puppies – The dog breed Irish terrier, also called Irish red terrier and nicknamed little devil is a dog originating in Ireland. They are well known as careless dogs, cartoon, playful. They have been created mainly for hunting pests in general, but nowadays more dogs end up being set up as a company. It is a very active dog, flexible and agile, great for first-timers who enjoy a good joke with a little dog, and mostly have children at home. This dog despite its size and characteristics was an accomplished hunter.

Irish Rerrier Puppies Three Weeks
Irish Rerrier Puppies Three Weeks

As features we can have a long head dog, wrinkle-free, composed of a rather narrow skull between the ears, slightly narrowing to the eye area. Irish terrier puppies region of the nose should be in black color, his lips, well-adjusted, should be strong and of good length muscular. Her teeth should be strong and aligned without cavities, and even their upper incisors should slightly overlap the lower.

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Irish Rerrier Puppies Three Weeks
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His cheeks are not too full, and should have a slight depression just below the eyes not to have the appearance of a Greyhound dog. His eyes are always, by a breed standard, being dark in color, small, not prominent and full of life. His ears should be small, V-shaped, of moderate thickness, set well on his head and bent forward, his face flush.

The irish terrier puppies are a very brave dog, energetic and faithful also. Most often they are affectionately called by its creator’s adventurers. They are very sweet beings with their families, a very entertaining companion. Irish is a great friend for active children, loving a good game. Very brave and curious, you are always ready to have fun. They are very intelligent and trainable dogs. They have a strong protective instinct and for this reason needs a dominant owner.

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