How to Draw Cute Beagle Puppies

Aug 8th

Cute beagle puppies – Animals are fun to draw and a good starting point for artists because they are not that hard to do. Cute Beagle Puppies are particularly easy for beginning artists to create. Learn how to draw a Cute Beagle Puppies that you will be proud enough to frame. How to draw a cute beagle puppies, Start with a light lead rough sketch of your beagle. Drawing slight bow his head and the overall shape of the ears; then sketch in the forehead, eyes and nose.

Top Cute Beagle Puppies
Top Cute Beagle Puppies

Draw the nose and shade it in using light back-and-forth wobbling. Now define the body of the cute beagle puppies. Let’s have him sitting. Starting at the end of one ear and draw a curved line, stop where you want to add one of these legs. Fibula to the drawing. Do not be too concerned with detailing the shape of the puppy yet. Add a little more of the body and the second leg, and when you have the whole outer shape of the beagle, erase parts that need to be refined and brought together.

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Shade around the end of his nose and below where the eyes will go.  Use colored pencils to fill in your beagle coloring. The colors you need are brown and black. Wear light, quick strokes to achieve soft look, mix brown and black in overlapping lines instead of hard lines. This gives your beagle a more natural look. Now retouch your beagle, adding shadows to enhance its shape and erase tiny portions of their students to give them a wet look. Add some downward lead pencil strokes to improve the overall hanging see some cute beagle puppies have that makes them so cute. When finished, frame drawing and display it proudly.

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