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About Rachel Estrada Ryan

I graduated with a BA in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, worked in research and writing positions with two Philadelphia nonprofits, then started Both is Better in 2002; I now have over 15 years of experience using my writing, graphic design and project management skills for the public, nonprofit and private sectors of Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey. Earlier this decade, I completed a rigorous survey of topics in nonprofit governance and executive leadership as part of the nonprofit management post-baccalaureate certificate program at Johns Hopkins University; I’ve also earned several graduate credits in fiction and novel writing from Rutgers University – Camden’s (wonderful) MFA program.

As a writer, I’ve published over forty essays and articles. My work has appeared in Writer’s Digest, Roger Ebert’s Journal for the Chicago Sun-Times, AAA World, The Pennsylvania Gazette and Philadelphia Weekly, among other print and online publications. I also write extensively about health and wellness for a major healthcare system in South Jersey.

About the Both is Better Team

Part of the beauty of hiring Both is Better is that I can complete a wide variety of writing and design projects from start to finish on my own; however, I am also connected to an incredible network of talented individuals and businesses who are ready to help when needed.

Bb Web Developer
Joshua Beckerman
I have worked with Josh on all sorts of websites (corporate, nonprofit, author, etc.) for almost 10 years.  He has an amazing body of work under his belt, and Both is Better web clients can attest that we make a great team.  You can learn more about his development work at

Interested in becoming a part of the Bb network?  Let me know!

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